Why Vista Window Film is Superior

Showing a box of Vista Home Window TintingAdhesive – Vista, made by Solutia has a clear distortion free adhesive (CDF) technology that is quite different from other window film manufacturers. Traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) utilized in the window film industry is primarily based on acrylic co-polymer, acrylic-vinyl acetate and/or vinyl ether polymer systems. These have a permanent tacky nature and are usually easy to mount. This permanently tacky nature also forms the basis of its longevity problems.

PSAs, being tacky, have to rely on specific and mechanical adhesion mechanisms for the development of bonding characteristics. These systems also have glass transition temperatures below room temperature, which are responsible for their tacky nature.

The CDF adhesive has proprietary chemistry built into its backbone that is activatible by the installation solution. This allows it to be mounted with greater ease and allows it to chemically bond to the glass. This chemical bond is much more stable than specific or mechanical bonds, affording it durability and longevity.

The CDF polymer is much harder and has some crystallinity as opposed to the soft amorphous nature of PSA systems. This allows for more chemical and environmental resistance. This harder nature also means greater mounting solution removability. Squeegeeing is easier and less water/soap remains behind to soften and degrade the adhesive. This is critical for initial appearance and longevity. PSA’s are much softer, making mounting solution removal difficult.

CDF technology, based on its unique chemistry and mounting solution, offers superiority in application, facility, and longevity. It offers a harder, thinner, more crystalline adhesive that yields little or no distortion initially or under the pressure of environmental stress.

However, the CDF technology is only one reason Vista window film is superior, in our next blog we will talk about how the scratch-resistant coating is superior as well.

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