There are so many things to look for when deciding on what window tint to go with. Today we will focus on the UV absorbers.

The type, amount and location of UV absorbers in the film determine its effectiveness in reducing fading. Absorbers located in the adhesive, instead of the film itself, can be far less stable and enduring than those built into the film.

Because of state of the art technology, VISTA Window Film UV absorbers are built into the film to provide superior stability and endurance. Most other companies just add UV absorbers to their product through the adhesive layer. (Be sure to ask the sales person where there UV absorbers are located.)

VISTA provides an unprecedented 99.9% UV protection, filtering sunlight at the glass, before it reaches interiors and begins to damage furnishings.

To enhance the life and function of film, all VISTA solar control window film comes with a patented scratch-resistant SR coating.

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