7 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Who of us doesn’t want to cut our heating bill down? A penny saved is a penny earned. Here are 7 easy things you can do to help lower your heating bill this winter.

  1. Use your fans – Most of us only think about using our fans in the summer to help keep us cool, but they also work great in the winter. Turn your fan on low going clockwise and it will help lower the heat that gets trapped towards your ceiling. This one simple thing can save you up to 15% on your heating bill.
  2. Put more blankets on your bed – This sounds pretty simple but if you can turn down your thermostat even 1 degree it can help save you from 1 to 3% on your heating bill.
  3. Have window film installed – This one works great for winter and summer. Having window film installed can reduce up to 40% of the heat being loss through windows, according to the International Window Film Association. It also will reflect the heat from the sun in the summer keeping your house cool when you want it and warmer when you want it. To read more about the benefits of window film, please take a look at our window film page.
  4. Close the damper – That’s right, don’t forget to close the damper on your fireplace if you have one. If you keep it open your warm air will escape through your chimney.
  5. Open your curtains – Keeping your curtains open during the day will help heat your home from the sun, totally free to you.
  6. Close the doors – No sense in heating rooms you’re not using. Closing the doors and vents in rooms you’re not using is an easy and free way to lower your heating bills.
  7. Turn your thermostat down – If you’re going to be gone all day, be sure to turn your thermostat down.