Help stop fading with home window tinting Denver.Today I thought I would discuss 2 very common objections when it comes to window tint.

1. “We just bought new windows” I’m sure you’re thinking, “We just bought new windows, their energy efficient, low-E, their even energy star rated. So I’m good, I don’t need window tint”.

First let me tell you, I’m so excited for you that you got new windows. I just recently purchased new windows too! I mean it was time, my old ones were 32 years old, metal frames, performed like single pain windows, so hey I totally know how exciting new windows are. But, let me ask you, if you could make your brand new windows perform even better, would you want to? Sure, we all would! That is exactly what window tint can do.

Not only will it help with the performance as far as keeping the heat or cold out but, window tint also will help cut down glare, will give you better protection against fading (definitely better than low-e) and it acts as a security shield. When you get a broken window, the window tint will hold the glass in place, not allowing shards of glass to go all over your house.

2. “We already have blinds” residential window tinting DenverThat’s like saying, to quote Neil Brabbs, “I have a knife, why would I need a fork?” Blinds are great for adding decoration and for giving you privacy, however, window tint gives you so much more.

Window tint blocks heat, reduces glare, gives you 99.9% UV protection, it does all this and allows you to keep the view through your windows. A lot of people use there blinds to block heat, which it will do to a very small extent. You see blinds allow the heat to come through the window and then it seeps into the room by going up through the top or down through the bottom of the blind. With window tint it stops it before it ever comes into the room. Really window tint and blinds are the perfect combination.

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