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Below is a list of the sun solar shade fabric we carry. Please keep in mind that colors can show up differently depending on the color settings for your monitor.

Fabrics for Sun Solar Shades

Insolroll Elements Series

We are pleased to announce a brand new line of fabrics for interior shades. It’s called Elements Decorative Fabric Collection. This collection is exclusive to Insolroll dealers only. You will not find these fabrics anywhere else. There are 42 new fabric styles in 138 individual patterns and colors. To see the full line, click on the link:
Elements Decorative Fabric Collection.

Here are some of the top sellers for the Elements Decorative Series

Woodrush Translucent Tidepool window shade fabric
Elements Tofino Blackout Paperbark window shade fabric
Elements Pebble Translucent Vellum window shade fabric
Elements Patina Translucent Birch window shade fabric
Elements Pacific Blackout Mushroom window shade fabric
Elements Key West Semi-sheer Driftwood window shade fabric
Elements Dune Translucent Graphite window shade fabric
Elements Dakota Translucent Roan Window Shade fabric
Elements Dakota Translucent Buckskin window shade fabric
Elements Corsica Solar Screen Driftwood solar shade fabric
Elements Cobble Translucent Silver window shade fabric
Elements Blackout Marine window shade fabric
Elements Blakout Kona window shade fabric
Elements Biscayne Semi-sheer Cypress window shade fabric
Elements Bahia Semi-sheer White Sand window shade fabric
Elements Antigua Solar Screen Ginger solar shade fabric

M-Screen Series

The following samples are from our M-Screen series. M-Screen is a vinyl-coated fiberglass with a unique weave pattern that gives it a pleasing, linen-like appearance. M-Screen is an excellent choice for residential or commercial applications. It’s available in 3% and 5% openness.

Types of openness

This picture shows one of the fabric colors for our M Screen series which is Charcoal/Apricot sun solar shade fabric.This sun solar shade fabric is called Charcoal/Charcoal, so very black. This is for our M Screen series.
This is Charcoal/Grey fabric sample for our sun solar shades line of M Screen fabric.This picture shows our Charcoal/Sable fabric sample for solar screens, M Screen series.
Here is a fabric sample of our M Screen series for solar screens, this is Charcoal/Bronze.This picture shows our Linen/Linen fabric sample for our M Screen solar screen series.
Here is White/Sable fabric sample for M Screen series of solar screens.This fabric sample is only for our M Screen solar screen series. this is our Linen/Stone sample.
Pearl/Linen fabric sample for our solar screens. This is for our M Screen series.Pearl/Pearl fabric sample for our M Screen series of sun screens.
White/Linen fabric sample. This fabric sample is only good for our M Screen series of sun screens.This picture shows a sample of our White/Pearl fabric sample for sun screens series of M Screen.
This is White/Stone fabric sample for our sun screens, only on M Screen series.Here is White/White sample of fabric for M Screen series of our sun screens.

E-Screen Series

The following samples are from our E-Screen series. The E-Screen fabric is a vinyl-coated fiberglass woven in a 2 x 2 basketweave configuration to maximize clarity of view. It’s the best choice for transparency while maximizing solar protection. Commonly used in applications where the view is an asset, E-Screen fabric comes in 5% and 10% openness.

Types of openness

Charcoal/Bronze fabric sample for sun screens series of E Screen. Made in Denver.Charcoal/Charcoal fabric sample for E Screen series of sun solar screens. Made locally in Denver, Co.Here is our Charcoal/Grey fabric sample that is made right here in Denver. This is for E Screen series.
This is our Linen/Linen sample for our E Screen series of sun solar shades.This fabric sample is for our E Screen series of sun solar shades. This is our Linen/Stone sample.Our sun solar shades are made locally in Denver Colorado. This is our Linen/Pearl sample.

White/White fabric sample for our solar screens series of E Screen.

Aurora Series

The following samples are from the Aurora series. It’s a value-priced fabric that provides excellent view-through visibility. Additionally, its fabric is
GREENGUARD Certified and meets the more stringent qualifications to be
GREENGUARD Gold Certified. In addition to the seven samples shown, there are three that are not shown.

This fabric is for our Aurora Solar Screens. This is our White/Bone fabric. This shows our White fabric sample of the Aurora solar screens series. Made right here in Boulder, Co.This shows White/Grey fabric sample for our sun screens. This is for the Aurora series.
This is a picture of Grey/Bone sample. Only available for the Aurora series of sun screens. This is a fabric sample for the Aurora sun solar shades series. This is Charcoal/Bronze. Showing the Charcoal sample of fabric for our solar screens Aurora series.Bone fabric sample. Available only in the Aurora sun screens series.