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Shy Zip Sun Screens Are Perfect For High Wind Areas

This picture shows how the zipper on the patio shades are made in Denver ColoradoWhat is a Shy Zip System? Shy Zip Solar Shades are different from regular exterior/interior solar shades. The Shy Zip System was originally designed for the bullet trains in Japan, as they needed to be able to withstand the pressure created by the tunnels. It did not take long for Shy Zip System to reach the U.S. and be put in place for exterior window shades in high wind areas. Colorado is truly one of those places.

Until now, many would use the typical exterior solar shade, but as soon as a breeze would come up the shade would have to be lifted. Thanks to the design of the Shy Zip System, that is no longer the case.

Shy Zip Sun Screens and Blackout Sun Screens

Shy With our patio shades you can still keep your view!Shy Zip Sun Shades can also be installed as an interior solar shade with a double roller – one with a solar shade for visibility and the second to act as blackout shades. This is perfect for audio/video rooms or entertainment areas. This allows you to have glare reduction when wanted, but during a video demonstration or movie the room can be completely closed off to exterior light. This type of interior window shade is one of the most energy saving shades on the market.

All Shy Zip Sun Shades can be motorized.

The Shy Zip rail system is made up of four main components:

  1. Aluminum guide rails support to operate the screen
  2. Cushion gum is used to prevent jouncing
  3. Inner rail is used with Slide-Fastener and support to operate smoothly
  4. The fastener is the key player behind the scene. Thanks to it, we realize light cut-off, noise cut-off and easy operation.

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