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Exterior Window Shades In Denver

Outdoor exterior window shades block the heat before it even comes into your house. They are an excellent choice for the Denver area.Do you already have blinds or plantation shutters inside, but need something better for heat rejection or to reduce glare? You might find it easier to have the window shades installed on the exterior of your building.

Benefits of Exterior Window Shades

Exterior window shades are excellent for controlling interior temperatures! They also help protect valuable furnishings and reduce cooling costs. Exterior window shades will absorb and reflect up to 95% of heat, glare and UV rays. Now you can work comfortably and still enjoy the view!

5 Key Features Of Our Exterior Window Shades

Outdoor exterior window shades can be automated to come down in direct sunlight. They are an excellent choice for the Colorado Springs area.

All things are not created equal! That is definitely true when it comes to exterior window shades. Here are 5 key features that make our exterior window shades stand out from the rest:

  1. Fully enclosed aluminum headbox protects the fabric when retracted.
  2. Reinforced, welded edges provide increased fabric durability.
  3. Reinforced bracket design for larger installations.
  4. Fabric wrapped teardrop-shaped aluminum hem bar.
  5. Your choice of either track or cable guide system to secure fabric.

Options For Your Exterior Window Shades

We also carry motorized exterior window shades. Custom control options for motorized  shades include a three-position wall switch. Other custom control options for exterior window shades include automatic control operation and a 24-hour timer.

The sun controller greatly increases energy performance, as window shades are automatically rolled down when direct sunlight is overheating the building. The timer assures consistent building appearance as window shades can be timed to open and close together.

Please visit our solar fabrics page to see the different fabrics available.

Take a look at our solar shades gallery page to see what exterior window shades look like installed.

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