Vista Window Films Superior Scratch-Resistant Coatings

Help stop fading with home window tinting Denver.In our last posting we discussed the Clear Distortion Free adhesive mounting system that Vista uses and why it’s the best on the market. Today we’ll talk about the superior scratch-resistant coating Vista window films uses.

The proprietary scratch-resistant coating that Solutia, the parent company of Vista, developed back in 1984 is still considered a superior in the window film industry.

The hard surface coating is formed using acrylics and an ultraviolet curing system. This provides a long lasting durable surface that stands up to abrasions and cleaning.

Testing the Scratch-Resistant Coating

Typically scratch-resistant coatings are commonly tested in two ways. The first way is with steel wool (0000 grade), this is a quick way to test how scratch-resistant it is. Solutia’s scratch-resistant coating can be vigorously wiped with steel wool without leaving any visible scratches.

The second test, ASTM D 1044 utilizes a Tabor Abrader. To read more about what this test looks for you can go to The industry standard uses a fairly soft CS 10F wheel, 500 gm weights on the wheel, and 100 cycles. This test does not impact Solutia’s coating enough to give us the measurement definition we desire. Solutia has found it necessary to use a much harder CS TS wheel with 1000 gm weights for 100 cycles in our process control to measure any slight variation. Even with this more stringent test there is little change in Solutia’s product.

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Are you getting the best window film?

Why Vista Window Film is Superior

Showing a box of Vista Home Window TintingAdhesive – Vista, made by Solutia has a clear distortion free adhesive (CDF) technology that is quite different from other window film manufacturers. Traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) utilized in the window film industry is primarily based on acrylic co-polymer, acrylic-vinyl acetate and/or vinyl ether polymer systems. These have a permanent tacky nature and are usually easy to mount. This permanently tacky nature also forms the basis of its longevity problems.

PSAs, being tacky, have to rely on specific and mechanical adhesion mechanisms for the development of bonding characteristics. These systems also have glass transition temperatures below room temperature, which are responsible for their tacky nature.

The CDF adhesive has proprietary chemistry built into its backbone that is activatible by the installation solution. This allows it to be mounted with greater ease and allows it to chemically bond to the glass. This chemical bond is much more stable than specific or mechanical bonds, affording it durability and longevity.

The CDF polymer is much harder and has some crystallinity as opposed to the soft amorphous nature of PSA systems. This allows for more chemical and environmental resistance. This harder nature also means greater mounting solution removability. Squeegeeing is easier and less water/soap remains behind to soften and degrade the adhesive. This is critical for initial appearance and longevity. PSA’s are much softer, making mounting solution removal difficult.

CDF technology, based on its unique chemistry and mounting solution, offers superiority in application, facility, and longevity. It offers a harder, thinner, more crystalline adhesive that yields little or no distortion initially or under the pressure of environmental stress.

However, the CDF technology is only one reason Vista window film is superior, in our next blog we will talk about how the scratch-resistant coating is superior as well.

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A First Impression Matters

Window cleaning in Lakewood ColoradoDo you have a small business that needs consistent window cleaning in Denver? If so, you should call Precision Film for a free quote on this valuable service. Window cleaning is so important because it gives your customers a great first impression of your business. Clean windows has a direct impact on how your customers view you, especially if you own a retail store or restaurant. If your windows are dirty then the clients will assume that the rest of the place is also dirty, or they will not be as attracted to enter into your business or restaurant in the first place.

A clean attractive store front can bring in clients and improve your brand. You can’t afford to neglect this first impression for your business! We can work out a monthly, quarterly or bi-annually window cleaning schedule. Call us today at 303-278-3456 for a free quote!

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Case Study on Home Window Film

Case Study on Vista Home Window Film

Window tinting a cabin in the beautiful Rocky Mountains outside of Denver Colorado.Following is a case study done on home window film near Denver, Colorado. The type of Vista Window Tint used was the Mirage V38 SR CDF Dual-Reflective series.

Why Was Window Film Needed?

This home is a dramatic three-story home with vaulted ceilings and huge trapezoidal windows. The home is set high in the Rockies and is continually soaked in sunlight and has panoramic views in every direction. However, the homeowner couldn’t totally enjoy the breathtaking views because of the sun’s brightness and glare. The UV rays coming in through the windows also damaged the furnishings, wood floors and artwork. Also, during the summer months there was a huge issue with solar heat.

How Home Window Tint Helped

The recommendation by a local window film dealer was to install Vista Mirage V38. This film solves all the issues because it will block more than 99% of UV rays and will reduce glare by 57% and lowers solar heat by 56%. Vista Mirage provides excellent visibility from inside to out at all times of the day and night.

By installing Vista Window Film the problems with sun glare and heat have gone away, and at the same time preserving the breathtaking views. The best part is that no one can even tell the film is installed.

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Let’s help the International Window Film Association

The IWFA (International Window Film Association) is a great organization to learn anything and everything about window film. Recognizing all the great benefits of both home window tinting and auto window tinting, this organization has really helped to get the word out there and has brought a lot of awareness to window filming.

In the last couple of years they have really pushed to build a great social media presence. All their hard work is paying off! So much so that their Facebook page has reached almost 10,000 followers. This is where they need your help! The IWFA’s goal is to reach 10,000 followers by the end of the year. To help them do that, please go to their Facebook page and start following them.

If you live in the Denver area and would like a free in-home consultation on home window filming, please contact us at 303-278-3456.

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Commercial Window Treatments

Enhancing Your Retail Store With Solar Screens

Car dealership with Sun solar shades installed. We sell sun solar shades in Denver and Fort Collins Colorado.Sun solar shades are the preferred window treatment for retail stores. Why is that? Because of the many benefits commercial solar screens have to offer: For example:

  • Solar screens reduce the glare in your store
  • Solar shades allow you to keep the view
  • Lowers your energy costs
  • Reduce the risk of inaccuracy by eliminating glare on computer and cash register screens
  • Offers better comfort to your customers
  • Solar shades allow natural light in your store, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting

Darker colored fabrics will control glare better than lighter fabrics and they also allow the best view-through.

Another area sun solar shades are great for is providing UV protection for your products. With solar screens you can protect your merchandise and still keep that open feeling in your store.

If you have a retail store and are looking for a quote on solar shades, please give us a call today at 303-278-3456 or go to our website and fill out the form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Home Window Film for Winter

Benefits of home window tinting in the winter in Denver ColoradoHome window film for winter? That’s right! Most people don’t know that window film is for both winter and summer. When you say window film or window tint typically people think of blocking the heat out, and they would be right because window film does an excellent job of that. However, home window film or commercial window film is also a great product to help keep your heat in, in the winter.

How does window film work in the winter? The window film acts as an insulation, thus allowing less of your heat to seep through you windows. The window film actually reflects the heat back into your house. That means your furnace won’t run as much because your house will heat up faster and retain more. And of course, when your furnace isn’t running as much that means you’re saving money!

If you live in the Denver area and would like a free in-home consultation, please give us a call today at 303-278-3456. All window tinting jobs completed by January 13 receives 10% off!

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Save Energy With Window Film

A home outside of Denver showing how beautiful window tinting looks on their windows. Window tinting Denver.At an elevation of more than 8,000 feet sits a majestic mansion that seamlessly renders the divide between the built and the natural worlds. Oversized glass windows, dramatize the relationship between the house and its spectacular mountain surroundings.

At such a high altitude, the sun’s glare, in tandem with destructive UV light, became an environmental impediment to the point that the interior living areas were uncomfortable.

This was a particular challenge for the interior designer since the home abounds in valuable art, costly furnishings and an expanse of custom wide-board pine flooring, all of which are particularly sensitive to UV light. UV light will cause your furnishings, art, carpets and wood floors to fade.

Working with a local window film professional, the designer elected to install VISTA Ambiance VE 35 window film. This is a low E Solar Control Film to fame the UV ravages and combat glare. The hi-tech invisible film prevents 99.9% of all UV light from passing through the glass windows and reduces glare by 64%, thus providing visually comfortable surroundings and a high degree of fade protection. The film will also reduce energy bills by enabling the windows to reflect interior heat back into the house rather than absorbing it in the glass. As a general rule, half of home energy bills are the result of heat loss or gain through glass.

In commenting on the film’s installation, the designer said, “Glare free views can be enjoyed throughout the year and the fading of the furnishings, precious art and expansive wood floors are no longer a matter of concern. What’s more, the owners are quite oblivious to the presence of the film. They simply don’t know it’s there!”

If you live in the Denver are and would like a free in-home consultation, please give us a call today at 303-278-3456.

Vista window tint

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Audio-Visual Solar Shades

Blackout shades DenverAudio-visual solar shades create the perfect environment for any business or entertainment event. These window shades are ideal for applications that require total sun blockage, for example, conference centers, hospitals, home theaters, day sleepers, black out rooms and more.

Our audio-visual solar shades also has a side track to prevent light leakage through the side gaps. You can get our blackout solar shades either manually operated or motorized, we can even connect the shades to your home integrative system.

Call Precision Film and Solar Shades today to see our many different shade fabrics and to get a free quote! 303-278-3456

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Ozone Report Shows Dangers of UV Rays

Dangers of hole in ozone.Science Magazine issued a report on the ozone that indicates for the first time since the 1980’s, the hole in the ozone is actually starting to close. That’s the good news, the bad news is it won’t be completely closed until at least 2050. So until that happens we are all still at risk of exposure to the dangerous affects of UV rays. One example of this is skin cancer, skin cancer rates are higher now than they have ever been.

So how can we fight against these harmful UV rays? If you’re going outside be sure to apply sun screen. But what if you’re inside? Did you know that UV rays can cause much damage to your skin and eyes even while you’re inside your home or car? To help combat these harmful rays the International Window Film Association recommends you getting home window tint installed and automotive window tint installed.

Benefits of Window Tint

Window tint usually rejects about 99% of UV rays coming in through your windows. In addition to this, window film helps save energy used in your home, eliminates hot spots, cuts down on glare and protects your furniture, artwork and hardwood floors from fading. Window tint also offers a quick return on investment as well.

If you live in the Denver area and would like a free in-home consultation on home window film, solar shades or patio shades, please give us a call at 303-278-3456.

Click here to read the ozone report in full.

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